This Tribe




We are leading supplier of sustainable and ethical Yoga & Wellbeing products and services.


People are increasingly aware of the importance of giving attention to physical and spiritual wellbeing over their material needs. Yoga practice uniquely taps into both of these needs. We want to meet you here, we want to walk this path with you.

Environmentalism is not longer a fringe movement. The importance of living sustainable is becoming widely accepted, in some stage will touch your heart, your core and you not longer will be able to live any different.

Helping people to be the true self.

Those who practice yoga tend to be seeking greater harmony, an inner immorable truth about themselves and the world they occupy.

YogaTribe®  delivers yoga and wellness practice in a truly sustainable way, offering workshops & yoga practice in addition to sustainable yoga products. This is currently done as a guest yogi in studios around New Zealand, it is intention to broaden this globally to reflect the reach of YogaTribe® products.

So Shine ON!  you are here to enrich the world and remember JOY is a net of love by which you can catch souls....start your moment of joy every morning remembering you belong to this tribe...

YogaTribe® ... where LOVE is the bridge between you and everything.

So if you feeling the call to be part of this tribe in some way or form Click here. We would love to have you on board. there is nothing that separate us.


Tribe devoted to wellbeing,  physical , emotional and environmental alignment.


We believe we are more than a provider of products and services. We are a tribe collaborating, creating to expand the principals that unite us. Compassion, understanding, empathy & love will be always the values we surround ourselves with.

Leaving the world a better place

YogaTribe® is not driven by wealth generation alone: it is driven by an underlying philosophy that a successful and profitable enterprise does not need to be at the cost of others or the environment.  YogaTribe® will leave the world a better place through the positive impact on the lives of those it touches and by giving back to the communities it relies upon.  The only trace it will leave is love.