So... what is TRIBE OF LOVE?

It is a SPACE to SHARE GOODNESS, to share LOVE, in any form, any shape, any colour...whatever helps YOU to meet your highest SELF...



To be love should be easier than we think it is, it is our natural state of being. No matter what you believe in... or if you believe at all , we always come back to the same place... if you follow a religion or identify with a specific divine source, it doesn't really matter... I believe if there is any awareness while you try to met with your pure soul, you will ALWAYS find LOVE.  

God is LOVE, so no matter what form resonates with you or how you name it, the power or energy of LOVE is always the same and we always come back HOME/GOD/LOVE.

You only find it in your heart and from there HE/SHE/IT talks to you, it's your inner voice.


When you find the TRUTH, when you find PEACE, then things flow & creation begins.

It is becoming harder to take time for ourselves & funnily enough, we spend most of our life searching for external sources to satisfy the desires that our mind (not our hearts or souls) dictates to achieve well being / peace / love.


It's a little sad when you think PEACE, HAPPINESS or PURE LOVE were actually our natural stage and we have managed to reverse the situation in a way that we live our lives trying to find what we naturally have been born with... A pure heart full of LOVE!

                                                                         FLOWER OF LIFE!!!

                                                                       FLOWER OF LIFE!!!

This Tribe is YOUR tribe, its EVERYONE' S TRIBE, everyone who is constantly choosing love instead of fear.

Everyone who is willing to expand themselves believing that we are  ONE BIG LOVE, so we must support each other, encourage each other, hold each other, smile to each other, LOVE each other.


We are trying to reduce the current value that MONEY has these days. We believe strongly in the power and magic of TRADE, trying to come back to roots where we can trust each other and value how we have been gifted. Money is important element in our day to day society, we are not denying that here, we would only like to present new alternatives of living, where there is a space for everyone to fit in, regardless your income  or your financial reality.

In this tribe we don't make assumptions, we constantly want to find the courage to ask questions and express what we really want to without been scared of what others might think of us.

We try to communicate with others as clearly as we can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. I believe if we could all try this we could transform our lives. Miscommunication occurs frequently these days, with people taking things so personally and not being able to see where the message is coming from or expecting the worst.


We do not need to take anything personally as nothing others do is because of  YOU, what others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream, when your are inmune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be victim of needless suffering.

Just always do your BEST,  just be aware that your best is going to change from moment to moment but while simply doing your best you will avoid self judgment , self abuse and regret.Make sure you speak with integrity, we will be working hard trying to use the power of our word in the direction of TRUTH and LOVE,  we are only humans though and  are only trying t do our best!....

So compassion, understanding, empathy and LOVE will be always the values we surround ourselves with, if this sounds like you...maybe your are just coming home too.

Come in, have a rest, feel comfortable..Stay still, breath deeply.... and with a big and long exhalation say to yourself  

" I LOVE YOU" :)

Our Story

So many things to love , so much passion!!!!... to many stories.... many angels on the way!!

Magic encounters, profound awareness , meditation, prays, stillness, music, dance, FLOWERS & TREES!!! ocean...ocean of cuddles, nutrition, detoxing, growing, colours, textures, aromas, verbal communication... SILENCE....

LOVE....all come back to LOVE/GOD/HOME :)



PS: I love YOU