Celebrate and Create Infinite Abundance

As I mentioned in our message that It's been a Full ON Year for this Tribe and we have experienced many ups and downs and not everything that shines is gold 🌟

So as everything in life, we have had to explore the constant movement and changes and

Today is time for CELEBRATION!!! 🎉🎉

We have experienced a massive delay in our last production and it has been teaching us about patience, tolerance, and understanding that things happen to us as an OPPORTUNITY TO GROW beyond our understanding. 

So We have had to Let Go and I wanted to Share this INSPIRATION with our Tribe that Has Helped Us. 

We want to encourage you to GET RID OF the Lack of Abundance patterns that are around your beliefs ...

We want to tell you today, from a real experience ... you can HAVE and CREATE whatever YOU WANT...

And if you are one of those faithful followers who has always dreamed of having one of our products...

We wanted to Share this little gift to you of 30% OFF FOR YOUR PRE ORDER ...

That’s a little something ...but it’s not everything...

More important than this “monetary discount“ we would love you to experience an Act of FAITH!!!

If you are sitting in front of the computer or on your phone, reading this and you have got this far ... it’s saying something about you already... YES, it’s true we want to sell you something because we believe what we carry is beautiful, has value and love within itself or because simply you LOVE it!!

But is also true we want to see YOU stepping into the BRAVE stage of breaking a belief pattern that is not serving you!!

“I can’t afford it right now”
“I have no money”
“I can’t spend this on a yoga mat”
“I don’t really need it”

They are all true if you CHOOSE THEM TO BE...
You can also CHOOSE to FEEL this way...

“I can create this money as money or just energy that comes and goes, this gives me an opportunity to be creative and create my own abundance”

“This simply makes me happy”

“I’m always stuck in the lack of things, I’ll choose today INFINITE ABUNDANCE”

“I believe, as I choose myself and remove the fear EVERYTHING will flow easy “

“I trust I’m an infinite being with infinite capacity and that I can have and do whatever I want”

One tip thou...
In order for this to happen you need to FEEL IT In every cell of your body...

Embrace it, smile at it and enjoy the feeling as it happens.

If waves of fear come and visit your field...

say "HI" and let it pass with a smile 😌...

Knowing that you are now to welcome that vibration EVER AGAIN IN YOUR FIELD!

This is our real GIFT 🎁🎁that we want to share with you.

Practice this today ...

You might or not want one of our beautiful products...

we truly don’t care...

We care way more that you became a member of our tribe


are stepping into your full potential and

"BE THAT CHANGE" you want to see in your world .🌏

We would love you to share your experience of Stepping Into your Full Potential

with us on our Facebook page if you like

You are welcome to use the Inspiration only

or our little gift of 🎁30% off when you PRE-ORDER today.

Please use the Code "CANTWAIT" at the Check Out

We give you until Aug 27th to step into this full power of trust and

 If you are already there and you have been practicing this for a while... 

Just press the Yellow Button Below or the photos to see what items we have open for PreOrder

Enjoy your new gift...

Your new Yoga Mat will be your most faithful companion during your yoga practice

Much love and gratitude 💞
YogaTribe® Team

Double click on the image to see the Beautiful Mats. 

Double click on the image to see the Beautiful Mats. 



Double Click on the image to view the Beautiful Mats

Double Click on the image to view the Beautiful Mats

Wishing You a BEAUTIFUL DAY.