Q.1: What is the YogaTribe® mat made of?

This YogaTribe® mat is made from organic Jute and PER (Polymer Environmental Resin). The natural jute fibres in this mat offer the strength of conventional fibreglass mesh, yet are decomposable in a landfill (we suggest reusing it instead).

 This mat's unique look and feel are created by meshing jute fibers with patented PER, which is phthalate-free and safer for workers during manufacturing. The result is a mat that looks distinctive and lets you feel better about your ecological footprint - yet doesn't compromise on the grippy, cushiony texture you count on for your best yoga positions.

24" x 68" x 1/8"

3.5 lbs

Latex free

About jute: Known as the ‘golden fibre’ jute is one of the longest and most used natural fibre for various textile applications.  

Jute is a natural vegetable plant that takes only 45 months to grow to maturity, making it a sustainable resource. Jute cleans the air by consuming carbon dioxide, and the leaves are a natural soil conditioner. It's clearly a smart and naturally beautiful choice for a cleaner and safer environment.

Jute/PER mats are not machine washable. Please note, however, that these mats will have a longer life span if hand washed.

Q.2: How do I care for my mat?

Eliminating the residue on a new mat

Most yoga mats incur a thin residue during their production that can feel slippery when first using the mat. This “factory layer” can be wiped off with a wet rag, or will disappear over a breaking in period. This residue will clean off (it has nowhere to go but off!) when cleaning the mat. Please do not use a cleaning solution that is too soapy or the soap may create another slippery residue.

If your mat is lightly dirty, using a spray bottle or damp cloth, wet the soiled surface with water then wipe it dry with a clean terry cloth towel. Or consider using our YogaTribe® Crystal Spray. Both are natural products created specifically to help clean your mat and leave a fresh smell.

These mats are NOT machine washable. Use only a small amount of soap because any residue may cause your mat to become slippery when it is wet with perspiration. Rub mat with a soft cloth . Let it dry in the sun or even use the hair dryer.

 To hasten the mat's drying time, lay it on a dry towel and roll the mat and towel together like a sleeping bag. Step on the rolled up mat and towel to squeeze most of the water from your mat into the towel. Unroll your mat and hang it to air dry.

 With use and cleaning the mat often enough, should become softer and stickier.

Q.3: Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept the following forms of payment for purchase. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Pay-Pal & Apple Pay.