Is this your Tribe?

We engage with passionate world shifters, game shakers, light bringers everywhere in the globe, to keep us connected with those who are searching for the highest version of themselves and looking to be active in their practice of yoga ON and OFF the mat.



What does an ambassador do?

Our ambassadors share their love of YogaTribe® products with their community.

They embodied our ethos and way of looking at this world. They share what’s happening in this tribe and invite lightworkers around the globe to be part of this movement by being an example of what is living your truth.



What’s in there for you?

  • Ambassadors have exclusive access to YogaTribe® products, rewards, content, and experiences.

  • They’re eligible to be featured on our blog and social media,  we love to give our ambassadors a great deal of exposure, so we will repost photos of you in our gear, so make sure you always tag as an mention us on your photos. If we really love your pic, it will end up on our website.

  • They’re eligible to collaborate with us on photoshoots, online content, and product development.

  • As an ambassador, every time you or someone else uses your 10% off code to make a purchase, you will be notified and have the option of a $5 payment via PayPal or $10 store credit.

  • You can make money by spreading what we are about.


Who can apply?

  • Anyone who reads our story and feel their heartbeat goes a little bit faster.

  • Anyone who believe enough on him/herself that is able to take risk and know that can be accepted just because their light shine so bright that can't be avoided to look at it. 

  • Anyone who is actively growing their yoga communities, a yoga life or their own story that take them to a path of looking for a union with their mind-body & spirit.

  • We especially love to see applications from those who would like to share their journey, their story and putting their message out loud and proud on social media.



1. It's really easy!!!  So you don’t need a certain number of followers to become our Ambassador. You will only need to purchase a YogaTribe® mat and a YogaTribe® T-shirt from our store to wear in your photos . We will give you 30% discount on this. You will also receive a marketing pack and unique discount code exclusive to your followers and family and friends.

In the note section at check out, write: “Tribe Ambassador”, and please share your Instagram account with us so we get to know you better  . 

2. Please allow 24 hours for us to send your brand ambassador code. It will be a 15% off discount code for  your followers, friends and family to use (it is usually your Instagram name). Your membership starts when you get a welcome email from us with your code.

  • Please Notice,  that our mission is to create a movement  devoted to well-being, physical, emotional and environmental alignment, always considering  leaving the world a better place that it is now. So if we feel that your share it doesn't resonate with our mission and vision, we might decline your ambassador application. Compassion, understanding, empathy & love will be always the values we surround ourselves with.

3. Now you can start wearing our stuff and take beautiful creative photos and videos. In your Instagram bio, please put- “Ambassador @yogatribenz add the code we have emailed you to get 15% off and tag us to make sure we see your posts. We will repost your posts that appeal to us. This will also allow you to gain new followers and recognition in the online yoga community. Infinite possibilities!

4. Thanks for your interest in becoming part of the YogaTribe® village. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at


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