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We are so happy to have Coka Klug, Creator of Yogatribe, touring around New Zealand, Bali & Australia sharing what is her biggest gift, Yoga as a Self-Healing Practice. 

Coka Klug was born in Chile and has travelled the world as a yoga instructor, designer, and artist. Mother of a beautiful girl called Mila, her hometown is a little Surf Beach in North Island, New Zealand. Her gifts, energy and experiences all over the globe have culminated in YogaTribe, a New Zealand based international supplier of sustainable, ethical Yoga products, services, retreats and workshops, especially their signature product, the most stunning 100% Organic Jute Eco Yoga Mat.

Coka is excited to share her journey and provide tools for others to live with more peace and achieve a sense of balance and well-being in their daily lives, she will show you how to get access to that place by the choices we make and how those choices can also take you away from  that sense of peace... therefore there is something unique about Coka's sharing, her ultimate goal is to help you to understand that there is NOTHING OUTSIDE YOURSELF that will EVER have the POWER to ultimately HEAL YOU;  the healing MUST come from your consciousness and your relationship and capacity to direct your thoughts, body and embrace the soul that coexist within you ... Coka will show you in a very simple language and sharing from real experiences how to take home with you, practical tools and BE YOUR OWN GURU from now on, with the capacity to take responsibility for what you have created as your reality and understanding that you have complete power to change whatever is that no longer serving you.  Specialize in Body Awareness and severe injuries, Coka's offering will be a gift to yourself and a new way to relate with your body- mind and spirit.

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The invitation is today to experience her current and most popular sharing... a Restorative, self-healing 2 hours Workshop called...


When we let go, we drop that which no longer serves us, uncover our essential nature and reconnect. Everything we need for our life journey is contained within. We are innately whole. Unfortunately, over time we have become fragmented and separated due to a lack of awareness, fear, and trauma: we must REMEMBER who we truly are. This is the premise behind the profoundly simple, potent workshop — Remember Me.

In four clear steps: Ground, Let Go, Reconnect and Open your Heart — Remember Me allows us to ground solidly within our body, dissolve separation and fears, sync with our higher self, and open our hearts. Coka guides participants on an intimate, inner journey using her gentle, holistic approach to Restorative Yoga and Meditation.


If you own a studio, a wellness centre, have a place for sharing or simply believe you and your community will benefit from this workshop please feel free to contact us.

We will organise and book you in for the opportunity to receive this beautiful sharing.

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The 2 hour guided meditation ‘Remember Me’ by Coka was actually the most amazing thing my mind, body, heart and soul has ever experienced. So grateful to be given this experience - we are all just one big love
— Tylee Hudson

I was lucky to get a spot in Coka’s already overcrowded class at KP yoga festival, and it was a beautiful experience! Love the honesty and passion of Coka’s teaching, and my body felt the sweetness of ‘knowing’ when doing what is right for me to do.
— Edna Snow
What an enlightening experience ! the first step to healing the world is loving ourselves, what a great place to start!
— Chelly Stokman
What an amazing experience we had with Coka at our Mind Body Movement Studio in Whakatane. It’s not something you can’s something you have to go and experience for yourself . Muchas Gracias !!!!
— Amy L. Green
I have done a great amount of personal work but a turning point came for me at the Yoga Festival in Albany two weekends ago. I went to one of Coka’s class and, once the tears had stopped (the experience was one of the most emotionally confronting, profound and amazing experiences I have ever had) I felt as though I had been transformed.
— Jo McIntyre-Brown
Having trained in Kundalini Yoga yet attended various yoga classes for over a decade I believe I know a good teacher when I have one

Entering Coka Klug classes I felt an instant warmth and was greeted by her beautiful smile. I felt safe and welcomed into the mat. Coka’s class opened my heart, cleared my mind and soothed my soul. She is such a breath of fresh air and a bright breeze
— Soreya James
As mere human beings we live in our heads too much. We need to come back and connect with the body. We all have emotions and crap we need to release, coming back to the body feeling regenerating and connecting with likeminded people who may be experiencing the same as you are. It’s good to feel that you can relate and not feel weird or alone. Everyone should experience this wonderful mini retreat. Much APPRECIATION Coka and Mila you hotties !!! I love the chillin acent’os xxx.
— Jasmine Black

I also went to the remember me mini retreat. What a treat it was for my whole being. So glad I took the time to just be and in such a peaceful loving environment where it was okay to let go and even cry as I let go of some hurts. I learnt how important it was to listen to my body and treasure it for the temple that it is. My only regret was not giving this to myself sooner. Then to finish up sharing a delicious and nutritious meal with new friends. What a treat! Thanks Mila and Coka you truly are beautiful souls. Can’t wait for the next one, hope there’s room for me to bring extras xx.
— Talia Harvey

I went to the Remember me Mini-retreat on the weekend. What a blissful way to spend a Sunday., It was presented beautifully with a welcoming, cosy and loving energy.
I felt encouraged loved and supported to let go and just be there. The food was absolutely delicious.
Nourishment of the mind, body and soul.
It was so affordable I can’t wait for another one so I can once again bliss out.
Thank you Coka
— Abbey Meg

From the first time I walked into Coka’s Yoga class, I felt like I was coming home. Coka holds such a nourishing space with so much love, joy, integrity and strength. She teaches very intuitively and completely from her heart, always offering modifications to all levels and making people feel comfortable. I feel so lifted on all levels from her classes. There is always wisdom and inspiration thread through her dialogue. I love how she offers people tools to really tune into their own bodies and souls and to feel empowered in their own being. Coka is such a beautiful soul truly shining her light. I highly recommend her yoga classes x x
— Hayley Summer
Last night Coka offered her beautiful workshop ‘Remember Me’ at my yoga studio (Yoga Within -Browns Bay, Auckland. NZ).

All 22 souls in the room were deeply moved by Coka’s open, honest and loving delivery of the words she wrote during her own recovery from a severe injury.

Everyone of us recognised ourselves in her offering- our tendency toward busyness, our striving, controlling, desiring of more, bigger, better, faster......our disconnection to the free flow of love, connection and joy, so easily accessed when we were young and which can be one distant and forgotten as we age.

Thank you Coka.

Thank you for the remembering.

Thank you for the vulnerability (in which there is infinite strength).

Thank you for the chance to connect, deeply, to ourselves, to others and to the world we are all custodians of.

It truely does begin within, one moment of presence and love at a time.

Blessings and gratitude for your work.
Much love