Reflexions, by Myke Boots

                                       ...Who are you sending LOVe to today???

                                       ...Who are you sending LOVe to today???

Imagine living a life, without the fear of what other people think, we could be or do what ever we wanted... Imagine we could share love, as we pass each other on the street, without it being weird???.. Love shouldn't be something we save for brief moments of our life, we should share love with everything, every being in every moment.. 

We all share the same Universe... and live under the same sky..
The time has come, to change from this old vibration.. 


Lets make the change, and give love to everyone around us, because its free, and that love you share, will carry its way around the world, and come back to you.. 
We don't know, what someone elses story might be, or what they might have been through, or be going through, We all have our story, and we all know, at some point, we are, or have suffered in some form. Sometimes we just need a hug, and someone to be there for us in this moment, even a stranger, as we are all one family.. let them know that it is ok, because we all fall down sometimes, but there is always a way to get back up..


We have all turned up here, in different shapes, sounds and colour, but through conditioning, we now have a false sense, of what we should be, do or look like to feel good... but this is just a dumb made up perception.  Living by this perception keeps us in the low vibration of fear. Some of us are born with a disability, some people lose a limb, an eye, a loved one, done wrong or have been abused, they should not live with there mind clouded by whats happened, or what they look like in the mirror.. Because if we choose to live in this new moment, with forgiveness and without comparison, or our pain from the past, we can start in this moment, with what we do have, and what we are grateful for, then we once again will have found that Beautiful purpose to live.. 

Yes the answer has always been LOVE!

Text or call your Friends and Family, and tell them you really appreciate them being in your life, because sometimes we all need just a little Love hit, just to put us back on the tracks and into the flow, and we will only wish we did that more, well we had the chance..
Seriously love you all, and if you ever feel like a love hit, let me know...


We are all one...

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