Sarah-Jane (SJ) ... a girl who decided to just go for it!!!!!

I have the pleasure to introduce you guys to my dear friend Sj...what an inspiration!!!... I don’t really want to go on and on about her as I truly beleive that when something is TRUE enough it just speaks by itself, sometimes words can be a limitation when what needs to be said is profound and from the heart...and yes!!  that's what this beautiful goddess is all about, everything that comes from her, it truly comes from her passionate heart full of light, enthusiasm, dreams, smiles and LOVE!!! I invite you guys to follow her little adventures and awesome retreats all around the world... have a look at her job and how she is following her dreams. Get inspired from “  a girl who decided to go for it” as she humbly put it.... I left you with that.

In the mean time I thank you Sj for that gorgeous smile and the intention to create a little change in the name of PURE LOVE...ONE LOVE sister!

Click on the picture below to go straight to her website and see her magic ;)

Here of here amazing Retreats to come, click on it to see more ....

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