Are you a Freedom Fighter, a Little Crusader or Natures Hero?? Or are you more like a Heavenly Creature a Clean Fiend or a Trusty Companion??

If any of these resonate with you, chances are you are an Eco Warrior, either of grandiose proportions or a humble behind the scenes type.

Now Eco Warrior, here is an exercise for you... close your eyes for a minute and breathe in, no really, do it, i'll wait for you...

OK what did you smell? Did you fill your lungs with happiness or did you just breathe in and out as usual?

Close your eyes again and breathe in deeply, is there a magic fragrance in your life infusing and nourishing you at a cellular level?

Is there well being in the very air that you are breathing right now? Is there a mist of love, health, vitality, sensuality and stamina?

No? What if an orchestra of those very things you are now desiring is but a mere arms reach away as you practice your Prana every day, and by that we mean JUST BREATHE!!!

Breathing is a given, health is not. Our bodies rely on us to plant and weed, water and manage each season of our unique individual body flora, even the most basic backyard gardener knows we need to ensure there are certain elements and nutrients available for day to day sustainability of life... this we all agree on.

INTRODUCING Prana+Therapy.

The most amazingly versatile, impressive life changing vital magic in a bottle you will ever have chanced upon.

This is an ALL NATURAL health REMEDY, life force and immunity boosting and a new member of your family you will LOVE and EMBRACE.

 Prana is a relationship, a love affair... 


By getting the dozens of health benefits you are healthier and therefor feel great, leading happiness and a love for how you now feel.

The benefits of Prana+Therapy... oh boy where do we start... What is it. Well its essence in a bottle, its elixir to your air, its, its.. well its actually a blend of 19 essential oils gently held in a naturally minaerlaised hydro atom, yeah good old H2o!!


Here is the low down from the creators of Prana+Therapy.

"Essential oils are helping many people with their mood. Studies have shown natural essential oils can improve mild to moderate depression, anxiety and many other issues. The 19 oils used in our formula are grounding - nurturing and soothing. They are also effective for stress, headaches, tooth decay, urinary tract infections (UT) liver and kidney dysfunction, herpes & herpes simplex l & ll, cuts and scrapes, athlete’s foot".

"The synergistic blend of the 19 pure essential oils within the Prana+Therapy formula have been shown to support and balance: the hormonal system, anxiety, PMS, fevers, colds, respiratory issues, insomnia-menopause, cell regeneration, constipation, adrenal fatigue, bacterial and viral infections, flatulence, mental blockages. These are only a few of the benefits received from the amazing pure whild crafted oils that make up the Prana+Therapy formula".

Once you have incorporated Prana+Therapy in your day to day living you will be able, with only one product, to clean your kitchen bench, use it as a great stainless still polish, antibacterial for you bathroom and home aromatherapy, you can drink it if you got a cold or sore throat, you can spray it in your pets at home and they will get the same benefit than you. You can spray it in your face or use it a cleanser.... You can buy the bottle that serves you the most or few of them...if you are planning to travell and you need a purse side you go for Nature Hero or whatever is the size you decided to go to or several of them like me ( all over my place, bathroom, kitchen, office, car, purse, etc). You just make sure when you done you buy ECO WARRIOR 5lt bottle and you refill and reuse your therefor you recycling  and simplifying your living with only ONE NATURAL REMEDY SOLUTION.

Take it from us here at Tribe Of Love, whether you are in great health and in need of a purse sized pick me up face mist, or some serious natural energetic cleaning power, you MUST HAVE Prana+Therapy in your world and in those of your close loved ones. We invite you to visit our shop and take advantage of the special pricing on offer.

EVEN if you buy an $13.50 purse sized pack to try this product, you will in the very least have a cool funky pocket friend that will light up your world for not very much $ at all.

Go on, treat yourself,

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