Yes I did.... there is such a thing! We call it ALKA JUG today a very affordable way to bring this goodness to your home.

Joseph Blessing & Brook Weatherwell are passionate about promoting health and wellbeing through this amazing concept of Alkaline Lifestyle , they are active in doing continuous research and writing articles for magazines, as well as publishing a monthly Health editorial :  i-WELLNESS, which is circulated through email. To subscribe (its free), go to: http://www.ionza.co.nz

Learn more about what this beautiful, caring and loving couple are doing for all of us to create the change they want to see in the world. Combining their strengths and passion, they believe that water is one main pillar for good health, as we are 70% water!. They believe in our body's amazing capacity for self healing and the role that alkaline ionised water can play. They believe in alkaline ionised water and its feel-good-quality in the body.


For this and many other reasons they work together to bring to our homes this amazing product where we can find the benefits of Alkaline water and share it with our family and friends. 

By now, you must be wondering...What am I going on about this ALKALINE thing?

Well, I tell you that based in science Alkaline ionized water (ERW=Electrolysed reduced water or structured water) is different to tap, filtered, bottled, spring, rain, bore, or reverse osmosis water, as it has several other active and alive properties, like natural healing springs show:

Ionised water contains active hydrogen (potent antioxidant), ionic minerals (better mineral uptake), smaller water molecule clusters (increased hydration and detox), active electrons (dynamic organ functioning), and an alkaline pH (improves bloods buffer capacity for pH regulation).

In combination those properties in water can facilitate many health improvements as described here:

    •    Improving energy levels
    •    Restoring alkaline buffers
    •    Eliminating body acidity
    •    Reducing free radicals
    •    Relieving inflammation
    •    Increasing oxygen-uptake of cells
    •    Improving mineral uptake
    •    Enhancing cell hydration
    •    Removing contaminants
    •    Facilitating increased detoxification

Alkaline ionized water is a great aid for your daily body's needs and maintenance to meet the demanding challenges and stresses that we face in a modern lifestyle.

The water is delicious, it tastes soft and is easy to drink.

To all our Tribe out there who cares, who is looking how to improve health and wellbeing, for those ones who believe in the power of nature, harmony and balance.

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